Arnica Flower


Arnica flowers are often called Mountain Daisies due to their similar appearance to a daisy. Arnica flowers, unlike the daisy, could be considered a self-contained natural first aid kit due to their various medicinal properties. Packed with thymol, helenalin, and linoleic acid there are many benefits to using the extract from the Arnica flower.

  • Excellent Source of Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Relieve Arthritis
  • Solution to Muscle Soreness
  • Effective Treatment for Bruises
  • Analgesic Ability
  • Great for Acne
  • Promotes Healthy Hair
  • Prevent Hair Loss
  • Eliminates Dandruff from Your Scalp
  • Treats Split Ends Naturally

We use the extract from the Arnica flower in our Muscle Crème and Hair Mask for its natural homeopathic medicinal properties. Arnica is known to relieve pain and inflammation, heal scars and bruises, give arthritis relief, for use as a topical analgesic, stimulation of hair growth, and is known to strengthen hair
root to tip.

Arnica is not supposed to be consumed directly or applied to open wound due. Only use as directed topically.

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