About Us

At Emerge Gardens, we are passionate about plants, urban gardening, sustainability and the health of people in our community.

We believe in the Power of Plants – so we spend our days…

  • Growing Non-GMO seedlings
  • Growing nutrient-dense produce using the same technology NASA uses
  • Educating schools and community groups on aeroponic growing
  • Exploring new ways of urban gardening

Our Team

Gwaltneys are born nerds for nature.  We love the land and have been farming in Florida, Georgia, and Virginia for generations.  Today, we are excited to be a part of sustainable farming innovation in the form of Vertical Aeroponic Towers.    

Our dream is to see Urban Tower Farms in every city

Please visit our Urban Tower Farm in Punta Gorda to see if you can taste the difference in our produce.


Michelle Gwaltney

GSC Beauty Products

Michelle Gwaltney

Jeremy Gwaltney

Marketing and Logistics

Jeremy Gwaltney

Trevor Gwaltney

Farm Manager

Trevor Gwaltney
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