A Healthy 2021

Fresh Berries

Food brings a great deal of joy and fellowship to our lives.  It can also bring guilt, frustration, and dissatisfaction. Much of the guilt and frustration comes from unrealistic goals or restrictions we place on ourselves.  I suggest we change our thinking along with what we eat.  And remember, food is not the only contributing factor to good health.  

Fresh Berries

My suggestions for a healthy 2021?

  1. Let’s look at the word diet as the foods we eat on a regular basis.  Period, no eating one way to drop some weight or correct a health problem for a specified time frame.  Create a way of eating that is healthy and enjoyable so you live our life that way always. .
  2. Buy and prepare fresh foods as close to their natural state as possible.  This may take a little extra work initially, but the vibrant look, smell and taste of your food will be worth the work.
  3. Buy local.  Create jobs locally, cut down on the carbon footprint your food makes… Plus your food will be more nutrient packed.
  4. Good health is not about food only it is also about physical activity, low stress levels, robust social connections, and a sense of purpose.

Optimal nutrition is not about being alive without disease, it’s about being alive and thriving!.


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